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Stop wasting your valuable time on spreadsheet underwriting and inaccurate data! Our goal is to provide you the best ALL-IN-ONE AI-POWERED SOFTWARE for underwriting and gathering accurate data for your multi-family deals.

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Our AI-POWERED Smart Algorithm Provides Accurate Data

With our Artificial intelligence (AI) driven innovative technology, you can quickly underwrite and analyze your multi-family deals in 60 seconds. Get accurate real-time data and promptly close deals without any frustration or fuss.

  • No More Confusing Spreadsheets
  • Get Accurate Data Free Of Error
  • Always up to date and convinient
  • No More second guessing numbers
  • Property Research done for you
  • Underwrite more properties

Our Exciting features

All the features you need to grow your portfolio as a multi-family investor. Easy to use, super powerful under the hood.

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